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combyne outfit
↷✦; 타미나~ 𖠋🌙
created 2 months ago
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Hello everyone!) How are you doing? I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long. I was very busy, so I wasn't there:^(
I really missed you, I just moved, I think and hope that I will release outfits more often)) When I came in, I was shocked, the developers changed everything, it was very difficult for me to put everything in order with my finger!! Already sometimes I even quit the game, because of which I could not finish the outfit properly, well, no matter, I hope you like the outfit, and goodbye to everyone) have a good day :) 💗💗

The most important thing!! , subscribe to me in pinterest if, of course, it won't be difficult 🥺😭😭, and then almost 7 months have passed in pinterest there...
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