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combyne outfit
πŸ”Έ π‘ͺπ’‰π’‚π’›π’›π’š πŸ”Έ
created 3 years ago
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‼️‼️ C H A L L E N G E ‼️‼️

◾️To join this challenge, you have to:
β–ͺ️Use one of this phone cases to your outfit
β–ͺ️Use the #mentalhealthmatterschallenge hashtag
β–ͺ️ You can tag me in your post
β–ͺ️ And lastly, you need to be creative and don’t copy outfits from other creators. Screenshot of outfit is also not allowed.

▫️ I will choose 5 or more winners and will like and reposts their outfits equally and also give them a shoutout 🀍 This challenge will end on July 5 so make sure to join before this challenge ends. I am so excited to see your style and don’t forget to enjoy styling! Love lots!▫️

πŸ”³ Joining this challenge will show your support to my #mentalhealthcampaign πŸ”³
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