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combyne outfit
☎️ ~ Kⁱyᵒshⁱ ~ 🥡
created 2 months ago
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🍜 ~ 𖤐.⭒ Kiyoshi-Core! ⭒.𖤐 ~ 🎸
Yes my full online name is Kiyoshi if you didn't know! Sorry for not posting much lately, despite the fact that this was a short school week I have been busy catching up and I haven't had much time or motivation to make outfits. Anyways, my aesthetic is sorta grunge/emo, with lots of red, blue, and black. I also love ties, mini backpacks, and boots. Enjoy the post, I will do my best to post more soon!
#aesthetic #mecore #me #kiyoshicore #grunge #alt #alternative #emo #masculine #androgynous #weirdcore
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