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combyne outfit
☞ Mιᥣᥲ
created 1 years ago
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I worked soooo long on this outfit and i'm not even sure if I really like it. So tell me in the comments, what can i do better? You can be very honest, because I like to learn new things :)

In April i'm going to Milan!!!!! I'm so happy and excited☺️

I'm going to answer the questions now from my little q&a

*  How are you?
   - i'm great! How about you?
* How is it going on school?
   - it's good, but sometimes boring😂
* Do you like Pirates of Carribean
   - I do like the movie, but it's not my favorite
* What's your favorite brand?
   - I loooooveeee Jacquemus and Prada!
* What do you want do be when you grow up?
   - a happy and confident woman!
* Do you like the snow?
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