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Ten :)
created 2 years ago
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Lost control of my heart and soul (My heart, after meeting you)
Lost control of my heart and soul (Ooh-ooh, magic)

With unexplainable emotions
My head is filled 24 hours
No matter what I do
I fail over and over

When your eyes meet
My heartbeat and time itself stop
A world with just two of us
Will get tiring because
We've lost ourselves in passion
When I'm with you

I got absorbed into an eternity
Dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy (TWICE!)
It's like magic, babe
Can't predict my trembling heart
Tremble tremble tremble tremble (TWICE!)
Sweet magic, isn't it?

Those eyes, that smile (You're mine, come on, come on)
Those hands and words (You're mine, come here, come here)
I've always wanted only you