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Nona Fash
created 1 months ago
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ازيكم يا جماعة عاملين ايه ♥️😌
👆🏻👆🏻This is hello all in the Egyptian dialect

Today I chose the Arab Republic of Egypt, but I chose to design for it since ancient times 🌠🌴

Egypt is a very great civilization and one of the oldest civilizations in the world 🌴✨
It also has several important features, including the fresh Nile River, which is the longest fresh river in the world 🌴✨
Egypt is also characterized by its privileged location, as it is the heart of the world 🌴♥️

And I'm Egyptian and I'm really happy that I'm an Egyptian girl 🌱🌹

I hope you like the design about old Egypt ✨🌴

متنسوش تعملوا :-
1- لايك
2- شير لكل الناس والأصحاب
3- تعليقا...
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