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combyne outfit
C h a e w o n
created 6 months ago
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#discoverme #combyne #teamjess #combynistas 🎉 🎉first challenge🎉
Please read❤️🙌🏽
⚠️ March challenge alert fashionistas!! ⚠️
#teamjess March (first) challenge is Monochrome Outfit Challenge -- 👗🧿

*Monochrome chrome* is a full dress combination that uses only variations of a single colour, usually differing only in lightness and darkness ⚪⚫

Kindly follow the rules written below~

• Use the hashtag #monochromechallenge_byTeamJess in your caption or comment box.🔴 (compulsary)

• You can use the items provided for the challenge by clicking on the post. (Not compulsory) or else you can also use other/your own items.🔴

• Don't copy. 🔴

*USE the hashtag*
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