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combyne outfit
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created 3 years ago
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Hey guys! Join this challenge by @stylistcam so we all can know more abt you/ how you view yourself 😁

Btw (before we start) I just wanna point out that I found a new interesting way to put watermark LOL and I also prevent copycats from copying my outfits without deleting the item in the post🤭 you'll get it if you chcek the items on this post by clicking it haha

Ok, so this challenge is abt describing urself through colors. I chose blue, white, grey, & black. (There's also a little bit of brown in the girl's hair cuz I like brown too lol). Colors are infinite ok?? Can you blame me for choosing so many?😂😅

1) Blue
Blue represents peacefulness (I avoid fighting if necessary), loyalty, pra...
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