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Kaya'aton'my (Kaya) #AmericanGirl
Time period: 1764
Location: Pacific northwest
Bio: An adventurous Nez Perce girl. She draws strength from her family, the legends her elders tell, and the bold warrior woman who is her hero.
Personality: Ambitious, resourceful, brave, outgoing, adventurous, daring, generous, true-hearted, loyal, clever, yet careless.
Passtimes: Riding her beloved horse Steps High, playing with her tiny pup Tatlo, sharing stories with her blind sister as they work, swimming.
Biggest dream: To become a courageous leader for her people.

Kaya came out when I was an adult so I never read any of her stories but someday I may pick up and read her adventures. She seems like a posit...
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