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Cloud Baby❥
created 9 days ago
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Good morning/evening my angels💫🤍

IM LATE IK to participate in your challenge love, but i tried my best to use one of the items in some way
I've been super busy with tests and exams...I'M EXHAUSTED but i had this outfit planned since a month at least‼️ and also, I HAVE TO PROMOTE A CHALLENGE(it's gonna be the day after tomorrow) I'm always late for promotions IKKKKK🏃
I have tons of homework AND an oral presentation to prepare for 😭CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER OHIEHGJEIFJ
I feel your pain now wife @marianna07

About the fit, it's just a simple green and brown outfit but with a cowboy hat cz i can💪

And i want to wish a very special person a HAPPY BIRTHDAY C...
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