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combyne outfit
☞ Mιᥣᥲ
created 1 years ago
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Hey hey!

My school starts the 1st of september :/ so that means that I'm not gonna be that active from now on. You can still send me your outfits! My dm's are always open!

Anyway, for this outfit i did the challenge #spinthewheel_bochallenge by @beso_omarii ! I had to make an outfit inspired by my favorite movie/show and maybe you already guessed, but this outfit is inspired by Outer Banks!

I also did the #bestfriends challenge by @combyne ! I know my best friend since birth and we still aren't tired of each other 😂 (we will never be!) I loveeee youuu @whosemma ❤️

One of the reasons that I joined the #bestfriends challenge is that @whosemma and I love Outer Banks! Especially JJ...
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