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combyne outfit
elijah ❦
created 1 months ago
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“I wanted to make something about what it feels like to be in the grip of like impossible desire, like carnivorous, locust, insane desire. […] It has to be visceral, it has to be uncomfortable, it has to be queasy and sexy. It needs to make you feel aroused and alive but also kind of freaked out— that’s what it feels like to feel like that. […] When we are in the grips of that kind of desire we do things that can’t be explained.” (Emerald Fennell about Saltburn) ❦ Inspired by my Saltburn playlist !!! Because like. I have been obsessed with making it, and I have way too many thoughts about this movie. ❦ I want to study Oliver like a bug, also I 100% would’ve fallen for his looking up at you t...
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