2 years ago
@ichalovitah .Hello my dear Combynista!
Sorry but this comment is to inform you that 1 or many of your post(s) isn't following the rules. If you don't know the rules and/or don't know what you did wrong look at the description of the rules below! πŸ˜‹

1. Pretending to be a Celebrity or a famous tik toker is not allowed and it's very selfish. People will like you better for your true identity. :)


2. Posting without an outfit is not allowed. Stickers don't count. And your own photos of clothes don't count either. Also it can't be just shoes or just a bag it must be a complete outfit. And you need to be able to see the outfit clearly. It can't be behind any stickers.

3. Copying/screenshots are completely prohibited. Please keep in mind everyone works hard on their outfits. So please create your OWN unique and positive outfit. Even if you like it didn't steal, ask for permission and give credit.

4. Posting innapropiate meanings/pictures isn't allowed. Like nude people, racism, sexism, homophobic, or any kind of disgrace to someone/somebody. Please use your gross/disrespectful comments/thoughts to yourself or use an app for it.

Please follow these rules next time you post. If you continue to disobey them there will be some problems. Also this is my job to keep the community safe and under all the rules so please don't give me hate for it. If you have a problem with the rules use another app that's for it. I hope you can understand I'm doing this for the community's sake. I don't hate you and/or manly target you because I hate you. Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night.

- Zinky_Dinky. πŸ’•