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combyne outfit
created 1 years ago
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Hi Babe's 🐙 *Important Announcement*
Long time no see. What's up? I was sick, and I don't recover fully yet. But who cares? I missed to post outfits...So here I'm!

Are u guys excited about to vote the #combynecompo 's your favorite team? 🤩
But don't know how to vote? Follow below step👇🏻
Comment the hashtag of your favorite team and write "Voting hashtag of your favorite team"
The hashtag of the teams are:
#combynistascompo #allstarintheway #styleicongirls #teamfirebirds #teameva
( Per person can vote only one team)

And yea I forgot to congratulations to all the badge holders. So CONGRATS TO ALL OF MY SWEETIES 🐙🍾🥳

Btw tap on the outfit, there's hidden gift for you! 😉🎁

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