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combyne outfit
created 28 days ago
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"Face Reveal!!!" (I've revealed my face before but I think this is the first time I revealed my husband's face!")
Hair: Long, thin, straight, brown hair
Manicure: Currently medium length and bright blue
Favorite color: Fuchsia & Coral
Brand: Very partial to Ann Taylor but not brand loyal
Car: Chevrolet Corvette, especially vintage models
Flower: Stargazer lily... they represent purity and smell soooo heavenly 🌸
Season: Anything but the cold of winter! Brr.
Fruit: Plum
Music: I love an eclectic mix of everything! My favorite genres are dark academia/neo-classical/royalcore, dance/electronic, feel-good funk, tropical house, soul, low-fi chill, acoustic/folk, blues, old school rock n' roll, ...
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