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combyne outfit
created 2 years ago
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Okey, hello, this message is for #ambassadorapplication . I wanna be one of them,because i worked really hard for this. My idols are the ambassadors. I'm for a long time on this app. And you all dont know how much would be mean to me when I'm one of my idols. The most time in my life I am on combyne and I love it to creating cool outfits. I am really proud on my followers,bc they are my family. And i love them soooo soooo much like this app. Combyne changed my life. My personality,my style,my kindness and much more. A fiew years ago i wisnt the girl i am now. I started this with 15 and now i am 17. It would be a honor to be a idol for my past-me. So,i hope. I am sooo much hoping. P.s. sorry ...
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