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Kitt Kitteredge #AmericanGirl
Time period: 1923
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Bio: A bright light in the dark days of the Great Depression. She faces poverty with grit and determination.
Personality: Clever, thrifty, resourceful, creative, inquisitive, adventurous, funny, charming, practical, spunky, tomboyish, thankful, and straightforward.
Personal causes: To face challenges with resilience and empathy, to help earn money for her family.
Favorite passtimes: Writing newspaper articles, baseball,Β photography,Β having parties, helpingΒ others.
Dream job: A reporter

I should add that @john1633 reminds me if Kitt in many ways. 😊

#kittkitterage #1930s #greatdepression #historicalclothes #histor...
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