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combyne outfit
created 3 years ago
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❤⚠️Hiiiiiiiii my babes !⚠️❤

~⚠️❤So today an amazing idea came through my mind! Sometimes people dont read my captions when they are really important and sometimes help you even if I've written it on top so what I'll do is ok each post I'll write a word that you have to write in the comments so I can know that you've read it! I'm not obliging u to read but it's better for u my dear loves !❤😘like for example in this outfit the key word is :jungle ❤🤩
~⚠️❤now for #campaign and #group I want tell you that now if you want to create your own campaign or group you have to contact a ambassador to ask him if there isn't the same campaign that has been made and you have...
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