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~ Q&A answers p.t.2 ~


Hope u are all ok🥰

I’m gonna go straight into the questions, sorry if u don’t answer all of them as there’s quite a few😂

Questions by @theofficialsharanna_01 :
A trend I’d like to bring back with a modern taste?
• I think all of the 80s fashion trends! I just love all of the clothes and just the decade itself!!!😍😍😍
Which movie has the best fashion?
• My personal ‘fave fashion film’ I think is breakfast at Tiffany’s, her outfits are just amazing🌸
What is fashion to u?
• fashion to me is a way to show ur style in the current period of time - idk if that makes sense😂
What is ur fave trend: past or present?
• I like a bit of both actually☺️
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