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combyne outfit
☎️ ~ Kⁱyᵒshⁱ ~ 🥡
created 2 months ago
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📖 ˚ ₊ ‧ 。Me Time! 。‧₊ ˚ 🍄
I love "me time". I usually spend it in my PJs reading with a hot cup of tea. I've been having that for the past few nights, I've been reading the Lord of the Rings, I'm about 4/6ths through the first book and I am obsessed lol. So yeah, this fit is based on what I wear to be comfy while I've been reading :) Sorry I didn't post earlier, it's been a busy day :p oh and ps. The book pic is actually mine!
#aesthetic #metime #cozy #cozycore #comfy #autumn #red #vintage #masc
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