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combyne outfit
created 2 years ago
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Hey y'all!!❤️ This outfit is for the #whats_your_style group application by @saltyrainbow . I'd like to apply for #whats_your_style_co-founder 🥰

So here are the answers to the questions ✨

1.Do you like helping others?
- Of course! I love helping others & we all should do that❤️

2.Do you copy outfits?
-Copying outfits is a big NO! Everyone should have their own kind of style❤️

3.Do you bully others?
-Nooo that's the worst thing you can do..

4.When you see someone bulling others what you will do?
-. First I'll make sure that the bullied person is ok and then I'll talk to the bully, tell the rules and report.

Hope you like it ✨

#fashion #style #aesthetic #amazinglook #accesso...
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