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combyne outfit
created 3 years ago
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HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING I MADE THIS OUTFIT FOR THE WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMENS@honeymoonbae @ariana_grande_moonlightbae IF U GUYS DIDNT FOLLOW THEM PLS DO FOLLOW THESE PPL ARE AMAZING AGAIN, IM SORRY FOR NOT POSTING FOR TOO LONG. UMMM don't know how to start this conversation so in a post I told you guys about my break up due that I gave up mentally, physically and emotionally and due that I even cut my wrist 😭💔 which still hurts and I can't handle pain so for a moment I would delete combyne and never open combyne ever again I didn't wanaaa tell sofi about it but I wanted so least I could say goodbye to her😭 so I told her everything but her reaction made me sad more than ...
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