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combyne outfit
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created 3 years ago
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✨🥃 Magazine Cover Outfit 🥃✨

👋hey guys!!👋 I've been wondering... most of you are teenagers right? do you guys already have your future planned out?? cuz I don't. (help lol)🤣
I still can't decide on what collage major I should choose, because tbh I feel like it's hard for me to be committed to smth 😔 & I'm too afraid to make the wrong decision and ended up wasting my parents' money 😅 I tried many method people tell me on how to pick a major, but I'm still unsure!😂 If I wanna pick based on my interest I guess probably fashion design🤔 but the rate of success aren't high especially design majors aren't really appreciated in Indonesia. But I also don't wanna "play safe" & go to economic...
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