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combyne outfit
created 3 years ago
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Hi y'all ,,, i wanna say I'm sry to who I don't reply to the messages or the comments but as I say I'm not online here ,, I'm here only for do the outfits then i go so I am unable to chat btw I'm here to say plz stop fighting in my outfits these days is happening so many time so I'm gonna say Idc if ppl hate me or my outfits the ppl r free to say anything they want I can also say thx to them but i Dont have time to lose with them so I ignored them so they stop for this I wanna say thxx that some ppl They protect me or help me and I answer in my place but plz don't do it bc the haters this things want find someone In here to break *** so plz ignored them. Then for the fault of the fight so th...
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