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combyne outfit
✡《•Rina~Rivka•》 ✡
created 1 months ago
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Hey, guys. Hope you are doing great 🥰
I want to say thank you, to all of you. You give me so much inspiration. I see how you create such beautiful things, combine the incongruous. To reach this level, for me, how to get to the moon🌚, something veeery complicated. Yes, sometimes I'm lazy, sometimes I don't have any ideas. But when I see how someone creates smth beautiful, I get inspired. It's like a sixth sense awakens. In general, thanks to everyone who likes❤, subscribes, because for me this is a sign that I should not stop and continue doing an Art. Even if it didn't turn out well in the end. Live you all 💞

Special thanks to:
@Tulip 🌷Tulip ✂️ @nataliis @kittykookay @looksgoodl...
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