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combyne outfit
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created 2 years ago
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Heyy guys! No, I'm not going active again, sorry :v I only post this because this is probably my last day to relax before my final exam starts (it's gonna lasts a whole month), after that I'm finally gonna graduate high school😶

I have many excuses not to be active on this app like, my eye condition, my homeworks... they're all true, but tbh the biggest reason is because I'm starting to get bored playing this app haha (sorry Combyne, it's not ur fault 😂)

Btw, reading the captions and comments in the past really makes me cringe loll I used to make a big fuss over a copycat or a 10 year old kid that keeps bothering me. I think I was lowkey being a b*tch haha🤣

Talking abt captions, abt a y...
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