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combyne outfit
✨🌸rachel🌼✨ ğš˜ğšğšğš•ğš’ğš—ğšŽ :(
created 1 years ago
57 11
hey guys i hope u are doing well!
here are some reminders:

=no copying🚫: Combyne🐙 has a strict rule to not copy others outfit ideas. It is rude and not creative. You’re basically stealing others work!
How to not copy:
-no screenshoting someone’s work then adding it to yours📸
-do not make an outfit that has each item in the same order someone else’s is inğŸŽ€
-do not post others work and say that it is urs📱
How to take action:
-report the user! u can explain what u saw and that it was copied🚨
-dm or comment on their post that they were copying💬
-let the original owner of the outfit know that their outfit was copied👋

=no fake users🥸: Some people like to imitate celebrities! if u see a...
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