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combyne outfit
created 1 months ago
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"Let's Hear it For the Boy!"
This is my character "Clement" from my book "The Purple Maker's Daughter." Clement is a #handsome 18-year-old Mediterranean #boy. The setting of my book is Greece A.D. 50. But in this Combyne set he's been transported to modern times. His jawline is chisled like "a master sculpor's rendition of the Greek God Adonis." He has curly golden-brown hair and dazzlingly sultry hazel eyes with warm green and amber flecks in the iris. He has an olive skin complexion and his strength is evident in his toned muscles. He has a playful smirk and a mischievous grin. He carries himself with poised confidence. When Lydia first meets Clement, he comes across as pretentious and co...
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