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combyne outfit
created 1 months ago
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Hi babe's 👋🏻🐙 "Special Collab" 😌💌
Did you guys ever re-create your Collab challenge with your Collab partner? 🤔 I know it's NO! But me & @theunknown_ here is going to represent our old collab challenge now to #recreatingcollab.
We two was thinking from many days now to do a Collab challenge together. But suddenly I got an idea to recreate our old collab. So when I went to check our old collab post, I noticed it's on July 8th 2019. So we decide that it would be better if we do it on same date. So we planned it all and obviously we create the items and everything a last month! 😂 But guess what 🤔 Yesterday was the date of our to post and I totally forgot it 😅 He make me remember 🤭😎...
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