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combyne outfit
created 1 months ago
1000 174
1 OR 2 ?

This outfit is dedicated to my favorite singer KK! 💝I added some lyrics of his songs on the outfit ✨
He died May 31! 💔
Since childhood I'm listening his song.
He's an Indian singer.
I've heard lots of hindi song.
What I feel in his song, I never felt like this anyone's song.
I can guarantee no indian singer doesn't have voice like his. The voice of his is incredible.
Each of his song feels so alive.
O M G , O M G!!
His voice is so heart touching.
He'll be always my favorite singer.
I was so shocked when I've seen the news of his died on my Facebook feed.
Couldn't believe that so soon he'll be gone.
In my life I never had plan to meet any celebrity or someone.
But I reall...
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