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combyne outfit
Combyne Unofficial
created 5 days ago
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πŸ‘‹ @raethemermaid here with the weekly #fashiontips so you can reach your highest styling potential on a day-to-day real life basis!

πŸ—¨ The 3-Piece Rule includes three main styling elements: 1 base fit + 2 accessories.
πŸ—¨ The purpose of this fashion rule is to complete your overall look, finishing it out to maximize its #wowfactor

1️⃣ The Base
β†ͺ️ The Base covers you in most Base-ic way, like the main character(s) in your outfit's story.
β†ͺ️ The Base includes: top (blouse, tee, tank, tunic), bottom (pant, shorts, skirt, leggings), or dress or jumpsuit.

2️⃣ Accessory A
β†ͺ️ This is the bigger, bolder addition to your Base story, like the love interest or sidekick.
β†ͺ️ Accessory A can be on...
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