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combyne outfit
created 1 years ago
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I felt the pain, the game, surrounding my name, voices clanging on to my skin🎵🗣all that’s left is the scares from the shame it’s all hell to blame, i can’t handle it on my own, i go to waste from the drowning hatred that floods i’ve my tears of guilt 🗣🎵everywhere i go it’s always there i’m dead as dead can be 🗣🎵 wars go on around me, i’m starting to realize where it all went wrong🗣🎵 i must confess i was a mess sorry to the people who wanted me to have all the bless but all i felt in the end was stress🗣🎵 i kept struggling in the darkness of the sea🗣🎵 where i was living in the sorrow of my past, the past i never wanted to live 🗣🎵 but at least i’m where i deserve in the cold we...
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