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combyne outfit
elijah ❦
created 2 months ago
14 0
Young man, I was young once too / sang a song of love like you / son, I too, was left behind / turned on one too many times / now I sing a different song / one I can depend upon / a simple tune, a steady beat / the music of machinery / you hear that heavy metal sound? / the symphony of Hadestown / and in this symphony of mine / of power cords and power lines / young man, you can strum your lyre / I have strung the world in wire / young man, you can sing your ditty / I CONDUCT THE ELECTRIC CITY • (she’s out of sight and he’s out of his mind / nothing makes a man so bold / as a woman’s smile and a hand to hold / but all alone his blood runs thin / and doubt comes… doubt comes in…) • yes anothe...

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