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combyne outfit
created 2 months ago
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BE AWARE OF THIS OUTFIT THIEF!!! ALYSSA ROSE!!! @alyssa.r0se I've been informed only few days ago, that this girl blatantly steals OTHER PEOPLE'S CREATIONS, posting them as hers. I do really wanna Thank, with a capital T @chante777 for spreading awareness about this!!! She even participated in one of my challenges a month ago, I didn't check at that time the items of the post tho, so I wasn't aware of it. 2 days ago, when I checked her page and what she had submitted for my challenge too, checked and it was STOLEN. She basically steals ALL OTHER people's outfits. This is Heartbreaking and Disappointing, especially for Creators like Us, who do spend literally hours (myself included) to C...
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