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☎️ ~ Kⁱyᵒshⁱ ~ 🥡
created 1 months ago
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🤿 ~ 𖦹 ․ ⊹ Isopod Boy ⊹ ․ 𖦹 ~ 🌊
A fit for a boy who loves isopods! (Me lol) Isopods are one of my favorite creatures! One you probably know are roly-polies / pill-bugs, because they tend to live in people's backyards. The giant isopod is probably my favorite, they live all the way in the deep sea :) They look like bugs but are actually crustaceans! That's just a bit about isopods. This is casual but I love it, I hope you guys like it too.
#aesthetic #isopods #isopod #ocean #aquarium #aquariumcore #fish #bugs #grey #grunge #masc #alt
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