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combyne outfit
𓍯 ࣪ JiU ! 💌 𓂅᮫᜔ִׂ
created 6 months ago
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𖥨¡! 🍁 autumn vibes 𖦹´ -

Hi !
I was thinking about how much Combyne has changed, idk why but I'm really nostalgic these last days. It's sad that many creators whose I talked to before has left, right now I don't know any big account but I will try to find some for inspiration :) I'm actually really impressed about how much this app changed me, here I met two of my favorite people who of course I kept contact with after leaving Combyne. I'm also surprised on how I already know this app for more than 2 years, time has passed so fast "^^
Anyways, enough chatting for today, hope you like the outfit, it is based on my favourite season, fall <3

(Please don't judge if I have any grammar/spell...
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