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Rae the Mermaid
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I've had more "Enemies" to Friends tales than I can tell in a brief caption here, but generally my #oppositesattract experiences turn into the BEST of friendships. My best friend and I call each other soul-twins. I know this is supposed to be a Valentine's Day challenge. And I suppose someone could interpret this post's vibe as romantic, but for me personally, the opposite-same of me is in my best friend(s). My romantic partner is way too much like me to be considered opposite lol [we are both ENFPs ha - Libra/Aquarius, 7/9, musician/painter].

My Opposite Valentine is my bestie. πŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈ
She's the smallie to my tallie, the willow to my palm tree, the HarleyQuinn to my Catwoman, the ...
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