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combyne outfit
☎️ ~ Kⁱyᵒshⁱ ~ 🥡
created 2 months ago
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🌺 .˳·˖✶ DragonFruit Glam! ✶˖·˳. 🍧
My fav fruit is probably dragon fruit, it's so unique and tasty. I like passion fruit and apples too tho. Also, happy new years day! Last night was ok, I'm just happy about my new calendar lol. It's Literary Kitties, cats themed off of classic literature. I went for a glam rocker theme for this, which I think is cool! Also, I saw Green Day on TV last night, my mom was really happy about that. Enjoy the fit and the new year!
#aesthetic #dragonfruit #fruit #colorful #glam #glamrock #pink #rockstar
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